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Super Groms is an Occupational Therapy Surfing based program that offers disability inclusion services for families who are not able to join mainstream surf programs.  We program and adjust the sessions to the individual child in a 1:1 safe and supportive environment.


The program is designed to support the clients sensory-motor skills, motor planning capacities, social skills and self-regulation capacities.  Working in the water as a medium and completing drills outside the surf and on the beach provides many opportunities to facilitate these skills.  It is important to support the child’s regulation to be at that ‘just right’ state to help support their engagement, interaction and enable the kids to produce an appropriate response for particular situations, the task & environment- entering the water, laying on the surfboard and tackling the waves.


Supported by Wanda Surf Lifesaving Club. The Wanda SLSC members who have joined our program provide our participants with water safety knowledge, experience and skills that are paramount for each child's session to run smoothly and successfully.


Our Aim

For Justine and Lachlan their biggest aim of the program is; Disability Inclusion and Closing the Gap to promote independence, inclusion in society and the quality of life for people with a disability.

There are many gains to be made from being a part of the ‘Super Groms Surf Program’, and each child has their own individual goals.


Session Availability

During the school term we have availability for sessions Monday- Saturday.


During the school holidays we will have extra availability.



Justine & Lachlan Spencer


m: 0432 898 076


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