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Surf  Therapy and Ocean Safety

Surf Therapy enables the individual to partake in an activity of daily living/ activity of interest, supporting and developing their sensory-motor skills, motor planning capacities, social skills, self- regulation capacities and emotional regulation. It is a subtle therapeutic tool utilised in nature offering a range of therapeutic opportunities.


Ocean Safety is specialised and ensured for each client through modified activities tailored to the child’s ability, goals and sensory challenges. Specialised equipment is utilised to enable any child to participate in a safe approach. Clear and consistent routine with visual instructions and visual schedules are utilised. Social stories can be provided to those upon request to suit the client and their needs. Regular breaks and flexibility for the child to take a break, reset and return to the session is catered for during each of the child’s session. All of which being supported and educated by an Occupational Therapist alongside a Wanda SLSC coach, whom hold their SRC/ Bronze Medallion.


There are many gains to be made from being a part of the ‘Super Groms Surf Program’, and each child has their own individual goals.

A detailed range may include:

  • Learn a new skill that gives them a great community to belong to for life.

  • Find a way to get the movement the participant seeks in an appropriate environment.

  • Inclusion and introduction into a social activity.

  • Supporting the participant’s physical and mental well-being.

  • Improvements in physical strength (core strength and postural control), flexibility, and endurance.

  • Improvements in social trust, resilience, empathy, responsibility, making friendships and increasing communication through excitement and sharing of experiences.

  • Increase in self confidence and self-esteem (both in the water and on the sand).

  • Increase in motivation for physical activity and enjoyment in spending time outdoors (promoting a form of fitness and a healthy lifestyle).

  • Improve their ability to self-regulate.

  • Helping the participant to experience a more optimal arousal state and learn how to regulate their body back to this place when they become out of sync.

  • To support better sustained attention.

  • Improving the participant’s emotional and behavioural regulation.

  • Improving the participant's problem-solving capacities to support their emotional regulation and behavioural organisation and also social engagement

  • Developing the participant's processing and integration of input from their sensory systems to better respond to important cues from their body and environment

  • Developing a clear and well-defined body map which supports the participant's motor development, improving gross and fine motor skills.

  • Learn how to follow instructions, wait their turn and be part of a group (with the inclusion of visual schedules and instructions, social stories and routine and structured activities)

  • Encouraging and promoting independence with skills of daily living e.g. dressing and undressing when getting in and out of the water.

  • Helping the participant learn to swim and improve their water skills.

  • Teaching the participant valuable Surf Life Saving skills and First Aid.

Super Groms Program

Super Groms is supported by Wanda SLSC and primarily run at Wanda Beach, Cronulla. Initial consultations/ sessions or on days of bad conditions/ weather relocation occurs to Silver Beach, Kurnell.


We meet the child and their families at the appropriate beach for their sessions. We provide equipment including: surfboard, life jackets and rash shirts for our participants.

Our Process

Our Occupational Therapy Surfing based program offers disability inclusion services for families who are not able to join mainstream surf programs.


We will email through a questionnaire for you to fill out, helping us to adjust the program and sessions to suit the individual child in a 1:1 safe and supportive environment.


Goal Attainment

At the end of each Surf Therapy intervention, we reflect on the individuals goals. We document each of our sessions and can provide a report if requested.



We use the information from the initial questionnaire to make a Therapy Plan that is based on the surfers individual needs and goals.  This ensures the safety of our surfers and ensures we use the right therapeutic approach and teaching strategies to facilitate successful engagement in therapy, skill development and achievement of goals.  Along with the therapeutic benefits of being in nature and the evidenced based intervention of Surf Therapy itself, we utilise a number of other evidenced based interventions and therapy approaches to achieve your therapy goals.


Our Individual Sessions

We primarily offer individualised 1:1 surf therapy sessions for optimal skill development and to develop an understanding of the surfer, their needs and abilities.  We program and tailor the sessions to the individual in a 1:1 safe and supportive environment.


Initial sessions occur in still water locations (Silver Beach, Kurnell) to enhance skill development and rapport building in a more predictable sensory environment than the open beach.


Surf therapy sessions occur on the beach when the surfer is ready for this transition to a more unpredictable environment.


Surf therapy sessions are a 45 minute duration.

Accessing Surf Therapy and Ocean Safety

Our program can be accessed through:

  • NDIS Clients (Self-Managed or Third-Party Managed)

  • Medicare Plans (EPC and/ or Mental Health Plans)

  • Active Kids Vouchers - Private Health Insurance

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